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Local, State and National Government Relations


With over 20 years of legislative and governmental experience, serving as senior staff to elected officials, and as elected leaders on local and National levels, principals of LVA & Associates have been instrumental in ensuring the passage of key legislation, ballot measures, and initiatives. LVA & Associates have also helped clients secure major government contracts in highly competitive and politically charged environments.


LVA & Associates is well-versed in translating complex policy issues into language easily understood by a myriad of target audiences - an essential skill to achieving large-scale legislative objectives. LVA & Associates will help create a pathway for success by crafting effective messaging that ensures key stakeholders thoroughly understand your issue.    


If it's a high-impact, local community, or key constituency engagement campaign that you seek, LVA & Associates will deliver a canvassing campaign that won't just get your message heard, it will deliver you a win.


Land Use Entitlements


LVA & Associates offer expert land use planning services for private sector clients, leveraging extensive experience on a variety of projects from small to large-scale, residential to commercial development, and rural to urban design.


Our professionals provide expert planning testimony before municipal planning and zoning boards to obtain subdivision and site plan approvals or variance relief, including Special Use Permits. Our team is thoroughly versed in the requirements of local land use, enabling our firm to prepare and present expert testimony that supports the granting of variances or requests for rezoning.


Domestic & International Business Affairs


LVA & Associates' global reach is predicated on our close-knit relationships between the United States and sovereign nations on matters of political, economic, and diplomatic affairs. Our firm advises international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as multinational corporations, governments, businesses, and organizations, domestic and abroad. Services include analyzing and interpreting international policies, issues, and legislation on issues that may require:


· Forecasting political, economic, and social trends


· Identifying international topics for research and analysis


· Analyzing the possible cause and effect of international issues and developing potential solutions.


· Sharing research results through academic and professional publications, white papers, reports, and public presentations


· Providing media commentary or critique on public policies, issues, and events; and


· Drafting legislative correspondence, proposals, speeches, and foreign policy papers.



Ricki Barlow , Chief Executive Officer

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
United States of America

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